Propaganda Carton


Anonymous kai- jei said...

saw the link in your comment in the slashdot hotlinking article. great image you got there.
my one comment is that for the already cool and great concept to be expanded thusly[not a real word but annoys professors of all stripes];. is milk carton for the missing civil liberties of americans that were looking thin and pale before, "worrying the family" then outright disappearing after 9/11.

dunno how you would pull it off.

another good touch would be to make the
ground a breakfast table with a stars and stripes table cloth. help iwth the surreality.

my latest work includes some self portraits with the ameircan flag including the breakfast table one. hoe fully after lab processing i can get them scanned

im gonna stay anonymous but you will know me from my adding you as a friend


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