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Here's the story:

The White House has issued a "cease and desist" order to the Onion (satirical humor site) for using an image of the Presidential Seal on their web site. Well, we artists get mighty worked up over free speech rights, so I'm doing my part to protest. Bad taste though my usage may be, I do it to make a point: If this usage is OK, and this usage is OK, and this usage is OK, and this usage is OK, then so is the usage on The Onion. And so is mine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting point. But what many people forget is that free speech means you have the RIGHT to say what you want, not PROTECTION from the backlash of what you say. While I disagree with your message(heavily based on the respect for all presidents that have used the seal), I understand the point you are trying to get. Very intriguing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also agree! Freedom by all means, even if disrespectful we all have the right. Throw in a good left or as it was almost put a backhand umm backlash which should also be a right (upside da head)for some of these american braindead fools umm folks, i meant folks! yes,very disturbing aah i mean intriguing!Just using a lil free speech here...now lets see if its not deleated because you can, so what is the real intentions of non-freedom atitudes? hummm we shall see.

Blogger Penguin Pete said...

*ahem* I only delete spam. But then, I also only put a controversial or politically charged image up once every hundred or so, if for nothing else than to wake myself up...Just couldn't say I was an artist if I didn't shake things up occasionally...


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