Tmxxine Specials

Tmxxine Linux was interrested in logos. OK, I don't have much to go on, but to review the group/organization, they seem to be of a futuristic flavor. So these are just some rough ideas:


Anonymous Lobster said...

So far so good

have placed here with a link for 22 February

Can you incorporate an optical 3D illusion? or anim?

Blogger Penguin Pete said...

I thought optical 3D illusions are what I was doing here, with some of the wallpapers. If you're talking about those dotted stereograms, I can't even *see* those things, and don't like to go crosseyed trying. I have practiced pasting a series of still frames into Gimp to make a 4-step .gif animation, and it was lousy. I'm afraid plain old still images are all that my meagre, humble skills can handle.

Anonymous Lobster said...

Thanks Pete - your skills are an order of magnitude above mine . . . and much appreciated

. . . never been much of a fan of the dots . . .

Sometimes all you need is the right background . . .

thanks again


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