Movin' Out!

This is to be my final blog post, though I keep editing it instead of posting something new. I'm tired of living under someone else's rules, and especially dealing with someone else's inefficiencies - it's bad enough to suffer for my own considerable amount of mistakes. So I've had my last bitter feud with Blogger, and I'm off to get my own site. Now that I'm done fuming - I'll say "No hard feelings." Blogger was good for me while I needed it, but I've outgrown it now.

It's Penguin Pete's, and there's nothing there but a splash screen right now - an image I've worked on in all my free time this week, in between being sick with a spring cold. I'll be integrating both this blog and my Geek Blog into my new site, so it'll be part blog, part gallery, and all FUN! I'm taking advantage of this opportunity to change my whole style, of course. "Unexpected changes in travel plans are dancing lessons from God" - Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle. I've learned to dance smoothly!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dont just fade away, OK? You owe it to your fans to post updates. Ive been coming to this site every day since you started it. Your art was just getting interesting. I dont care what Blogger says.


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